23 February 2018

United Colors Quatuor Ellipsos


To celebrate its fifteen-year career, the Quatuor Ellipsos wanted to pay tribute to the wind orchestras which unite so many amateur musicians all over the world. With blazing brass, jazz swing, African rhythms and sounds from Asia, along with a touch of tango and Irish fiddle, “United Colors” is a melting pot of sax culture.
Their fifth album, crafted with playfulness and collaboration, combines new creations for saxophone quartet with pieces for wind orchestra, alongside the Philharmonie de Nantes.



  • 1 P. Geiss: Sir Patrick 04:01
  • 2 W. Gregory: High Life 05:26
  • 3 T. Doss: Spotlights 10:30
  • 4 J.B Robin: Pulse 05:09
  • 5 G. Lynch: The Pale Dancer - I. Andante 05:31
  • 6 G. Lynch: The Pale Dancer - II. Vivo 05:19
  • 7 P. Geiss: United Colors of saxophones - I. Con moto 07:34
  • 8 P. Geiss: United Colors of saxophones - II. Tranquillo 06:54
  • 9 P. Geiss: United Colors of saxophones - III. Vivace 05:46


à 18:30
Auditorium du Conservatoire, Nantes
Quatuor Ellipsos
à 20:30
Auditorium Emile Queraud, Les Sables d'Olonne
Quatuor Ellipsos
Festival Innsbrucker Promenadenkonzerte -- Innsbruck (Autriche)
Quatuor Ellipsos