6 December 2019

Rythm is in my heart Georgi Varbanov


Rhythm is in my heart is the first album of the “Solo” series by the Orchestre National d’Île-de-France. It puts in the spotlight the orchestra’s percussionist, Georgi Varbanov, in very personal recordings dedicated to the marimba. Born in Bulgaria, Georgi Varbanov improved his French by listening to FIP radio. The voice of Sonya Mellah having been one of his first bonds to the musicality of French language, he wanted to pay her a tribute by inviting her to write and deliver texts that would link both the works and the rhythmic improvisations performed throughout this album.
This album presents all the musical richness of marimba. Through a selection of works from different periods and styles, tied together by rhythmic improvisation, it tells little stories. The music of the entire world seems to have been born in the same place: the beating of our hearts is our first impulse to create acoustic rhythm, long before melody.
Rythm is in my heart...


  • 1 Varbanov: Introduction 01:00
  • 2 Varbanov: Son nom est Land 00:47
  • 3 Muramatsu: Land for Marimba Solo 03:54
  • 4 Varbanov: Tout est bruit, tout est battement, tout est rythme... 01:52
  • 5 Schmitt: Ghanaia for Marimba Solo and Percussion 08:21
  • 6 Varbanov: Homme bleu 00:27
  • 7 Trad bulgare: Kopanitza 02:37
  • 8 Cajon de Peru 01:08
  • 9 Samuels: Footpath for Solo Marimba 05:44
  • 10 Varbanov: Tombak 00:53
  • 11 Bach: Sonate No1 in G Minor, BWV1001 03:57
  • 13 Trad bulgare: Gornodikansko horo 03:54
  • 14 Varbanov: Tel est mon voyage 00:49
  • 15 Psathas: One Study One Summary – Etude 06:18
  • 16 Psathas: One Study One Summary – One Summary 05:51


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