20 January 2015

Novas 1 Brazilian artists


Novas makes us travel all the way to Brazil, with the second edition of the competition of composition for six and seven string guitars introduced by Elodie Bouny.
These 13 original pieces, recorded for the most part by the composers themselves in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, put the spotlight on the violão, symbolic of the local musical culture.

Daniel Ganc, Elodie Bouny, Mauricio Orosco, Henrique Caldas, Thomas Saboga, Cyro Delvizio, Renan Simões, Alexandre Gismonti, Eduardo Frigatti, Zé Paulo Becker, and Lucas Araújo take us to their own worlds, strongly tinted by their country's popular culture.


  • 8 4 Preludios para Andrés Segovia 7:06


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