20 November 2020

L’Hymne des Louves Titi Zaro


A feminine duo on the borders of the maloya from Reunion Island and song French well surrounded: Alexis hk, Vincent Segal, Nadia and Yamina Nid El Mourid (Lo'jo), Freddy Boisliveau (Monofocus), the Vibrato group (La Fausse Compagnie), Yves-Henri Guillonnet, Antony Gatta, Julien Eil, Antoine David and Elisabeth Herault.
For 15 years Oriane Lacaille and Coline Linder have been weaving Titi Zaro's finery from the beats of their hearts. Over the years, they have built up this sound-mosaic personality which makes the singularity of their music. Women fish, or sprawling gorgonians, the richness of their universe is multiple. Endowed with a strong graphic identity, Titi Zaro's imagery is intimately combined with the frequencies of their sounds.
The sometimes surprising and experimental instrumentarium of these two "witches" gives new flavours to the French song. Titi Zaro vibrates the maloya, devours the French and Creole languages, quivers the ancestral tribal, and tames the invisible of our faults, Titi Zaro the lightning bolt in his fist makes us travel far!



  • 1 Gorgones 05:01
  • 2 Blanc 02:34
  • 3 Gawé 03:15
  • 4 Missive 07:07
  • 5 La chevauchée 02:51
  • 6 L'Hymne des louves 04:22
  • 7 Je reste là 03:46
  • 8 Bluesman 06:05
  • 9 En course 03:56
  • 10 Boom 03:58
  • 11 Lo batan dé lam 03:46
  • 12 Ma faille 03:34
  • 13 Bande Apartheid 03:20
  • 14 Mi èm aou Malaika 04:14


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