24 February 2015

Erosions | Piano solo Enzo Carniel


First solo opus for the pianist Enzo Carniel, a rising star in the new generation of jazz. On the border between composition and improvisation, he sweeps us into his universe swirling with an eclectic culture that ranges from Gesualdo to Clifford Brown.
"Composition and improvisation are two sides of one process: that which consists of simply playing, located between the blurred limits of all which nourishes us. The limits between improvisation and composition are eroded by time and by playing; these erosions allow us to search in the deepest parts of ourselves for the purest sound."

Enzo Carniel


  • 1 Responsoria 3:53
  • 2 Fil-Entropie 7:19
  • 3 Ce qui est en bas 2:06
  • 4 Joyspring 4:04
  • 5 Erosion 3:40
  • 6 Poeme 7:28
  • 7 Ce qui est en haut 2:39
  • 8 Blackberry Winter 3:54
  • 9 Water lilies are free 7:19
  • 10 Sous la canopée 3:42
  • 11 Clophilia 3:53


JazzMigration-La Dynamo, Pantin
Enzo Carniel
Le printemps du Jazz, Champs-sur-Marne
Enzo Carniel